Driving Schools

As one of the top five expenses of your driving school, it is critical to choose the appropriate insurance coverage that meets your needs and budget.

Protect yourself and your assets with the right insurance coverage

Whether you own one or multiple driving schools, our business is required to have specific insurance coverage including:

  • Physical damage and liability insurance for your fleet
  • General liability for your brick and mortar location
  • In some cases, an umbrella policy adds another layer of protection, especially for fleets of five or more cars.
  • Keep your insurance coverage affordable
The Árachas Group has a large driving school portfolio, and because of this we are able to leverage our relationships and volume to maximize coverage at an affordable price.  We are driving school insurance specialists.  Out knowledge of all the risks a driving school faces each day allows us to find your business the best coverage in the industry. Because our company insures so many driving schools, we can leverage our volume to keep prices affordable.  As specialists in driving school insurance, we know all the risks and can offer the best plans for your industry.

Ask yourself these questions when considering driving school insurance:

  • Does your insurance agent specialize in driving schools?
  • Does your insurance program provide coverage for sexual abuse claims?
  • Does your insurance program provide professional liability coverage?
  • Does your insurance company handle claims quickly so your vehicles can get back on the road with limited down time?
  • Does your insurance program offer monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payment plans?

Contact us today if you answered no to any of these questions.  Brian is glad to assist! 630-673-3084