Business Insurance

Purchasing business insurance is among the most beneficial ways for business owners and entrepreneurs to manage the risk they face in today’s competitive environment.

From fundamental workers’ compensation insurance to the somewhat obscure executive kidnapping coverage, there is insurance available for just about any variety of risk in the business world.

General liability, for instance, protects against claims of injury, negligence or property damage related to daily, routine activities. The cost of defending your business entity against claims as well as judgements or settlements resulting from litigation are part of the invaluable protection provided by a general liability policy.

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Our Business Insurance Overview

  • Commercial Auto – Regardless of the type of commercial vehicles your business owns and uses, the Árachas Group has a market to give you comprehensive coverage in the event of accidents or property damage.

  • Commercial Property – This type of business insurance coverage extends beyond insuring commercial structures and properties. Valuable documents, securities, goods in transit, equipment, and machinery are common items that should be part of every quality commercial program. Let our industry experts review the risks involved and offer insight on minimizing those factors so your enterprise doesn’t suffer from an unexpected event or tragedy.

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Make Sure Your Business is Covered

Workers Compensation, Employers Liability

This can sometimes be an overlooked commercial insurance product. However, at the Arachas Group, we view it as one of the most essential. Set an appointment with us today and discover how you can make your workers compensation insurance a part of your business and prevent the chance of an injury shuttering your business.

Commercial Umbrella

An extra layer of liability that extends over your other commercial business insurance coverages like general liability, commercial auto or employer’s liability with a single policy and single premium. For coverages such as professional liability, pollution liability, errors and omissions, or more complicated risks, excess insurance is available for some cases to give higher limits needed by vendors.

The staff at Arachas Group is dedicated to giving our clients the best, most comprehensive insurance packages – call 630-289-4410 and get the best protection for your commercial enterprise.

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