Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Here’s some useful general information about workers’ compensation insurance presented by the Árachas Group:

The basics of workers’ compensation are fairly simple.  It’s a form of disability insurance that all employers are obligated to take out for their employees. Your company pays into an account for every worker on your company’s payroll.

In the unfortunate case that an employee suffers an injury while at work, it is workers’ compensation that pays for their medical expenses, and even a percentage of their regular earnings to make up for lost income. The specific guidelines typically vary according to where in the country your business is located.

Workers’ compensation helps employees manage their injuries and stay afloat financially until they can return to employment in good health.

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It is important to note for both employees and employers that workers compensation only provides coverage if the injury happens on the job. Sickness or injuries that happen at a different location are not covered by workers compensation.

This is why other insurance coverage for short term disability can be beneficial as well.

Employers do have the option of disputing workers compensation claims, although this can be a complicated and drawn out procedure.

Regardless, if you are an employer, it is required that you carry workers compensation insurance for all your employees or face the risk of hefty fines.

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There are some issues that will disqualify an employee from getting the benefits of workers compensation insurance.

For example, if the employee suffered an injury while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he or she is not eligible to receive any workers compensation insurance benefits.

Other issues that will nullify a workers compensation insurance claim include injuries that occur while the employee is in violation of company policy.

Also, an injury that occurs while the employee is engaged in an activity off your company’s property and unrelated to work duties is not covered by workers compensation insurance.

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