Workers Compensation and Employer’s Liability

Most states require employers to buy Workers’ Compensation Insurance as soon as the business hires their first employee. Árachas Group recommends having Workers’ Compensation Insurance whether you have employees or not.

As a business owner, you can never be certain if those you hire or deal with on a daily basis are protected by Workers’ Compensation, nor can you be certain as to who is considered to be an employee or who is not an employee. Consider the fact that the states and the federal departments of labor can’t agree on this as well.

The only way to truly protect yourself and your business is to obtain Workers Compensation and Employer’s Liability through a highly rated and financially sound company. Each state is different, and not all companies have the same rates or insure the same classes of employees.

Árachas Group has the variety of companies that can handle virtually any risk that is presented to us, and we have the options to get you the best program with the most competitive rates available.

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