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There are many reasons people opt to rent instead of purchasing a home. For students paying their way through school, families saving for a down payment on a home, or for those who prefer the flexibility of rental unit living, it’s an option that can make a lot of financial sense. If renting is something you’re considering, here’s some general information about renters insurance.

The first and most common question is typically: do I really need this particular type of insurance?

An agent with the Árachas Group can give you all the answers you’ll need to make an informed decision.

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Basically, renters insurance gives the insured affordable coverage for your personal possessions. This allows the insured to recover from loss, damages or theft, as well as providing coverage for your personal liability.

Your landlord’s insurance policy pertains to the building and property, but will not compensate you for personal possessions in the event of a loss.

Additionally, landlord’s insurance will not cover you for the costs of an injury suffered inside your rental space.

These policies give coverage for any property the landlord owns like kitchen appliances or carpeting, and liability for injury due to the property owner’s negligence toward keeping the property safe.

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In the event that your valuables are damaged or ruined in an apartment fire or stolen by a burglar, you’ll be glad to have a quality renters insurance policy for recovery of your losses.

Without it, you’ll likely have to recover those losses out of your own pocket.

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