Bartlett Insurance Group

Bartlett Insurance Group has merged with Sullivan & Associates to form Árachas Group.

Our independent insurance group has been around for decades. Since our existence we have established a great group of customers and dependable carriers. We understand what our customers want and are able to consistently provide them with the best service. 

We focus on personal insurance with emphasizes in home, auto, life and health insurance.  Our auto insurance also includes fleet and small fleet. Our specialists are knowledgeable in providing health, life and accident insurance as well as personal and individual insurance accounts including dental and vision. Bartlett Insurance Group agents can direct customers to the best fitting group, life and self-insured groups.

The professionals at Bartlett Insurance Group focus on all lines of insurance products for small, medium and large commercial clients. Business insurance has a variety of components to make sure are in order and our specialists can do just that. We have agents that point you and your business in the right direction for professional, employment practices and general liability. Importantly we remain up to date with the changing Workers’ Compensation laws.  

The owners at Bartlett Insurance Group know we have the talent and dependability to take our practice one step further to expand the insurance and risk management coverage world.  This is when Bartlett Insurance Group and Sullivan & Associates merged to create Árachas Group. This merge allows for housing the industry’s top professionals under one dynamic company.

We look forward to working together, contact us today!