Our Story

Árachas Group is an independent insurance and risk management company. Our credibility stems from our partnership with leading insurance carriers. Our clients have access to an abundance of financially strong companies that specialize in handling the broad array of exposures. 

Árachas Group is a well trusted and experienced company. Our company is the product of the merge of two thriving insurance agencies: Sullivan & Associates and Bartlett Insurance Group. In the 1970's both family businesses formed in Bartlett with specific insurance and risk management industry focuses.

Our agencies merged together and created Árachas Group. Árachas Group now house the industry’s top professionals under one dynamic company. Our combined efforts strengthen our overall position in the insurance and risk management industry. 

When naming our new entity, we wanted a strong and solid name to represent the new agency’s beginnings with its future in mind, and “Árachas” did just that. It is pronounced awe-rock-us and means “insurance” in the Irish language. We like to think that we mean insurance in any language!

We look forward to assisting you with your insurance needs. Call 630-289-4410 or click today!