Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a variety of insurance product that protects your home and the possessions inside of it against damages.

It also provides liability coverage for accidents that take place at your home.

Standard polices usually contain four basic types of coverage that includes:

Structural protection: if a home is damaged by lightning, fire, hail or some other kind of disaster specified in the policy, this coverage pays for repairs. Floods, earthquakes or standard wear and tear is typically not covered as part of this policy. Most policies do cover other, unattached structures on the property like a garage or shed.

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Personal possessions: items like clothing, furniture, sports gear and other personal items are typically covered against theft and against natural disasters like fire. This part of a policy can even insure some items if they are off your property.

For instance, if furs or jewelry is stolen while not on your home property, the policy may pay a specified amount to cover it. Trees and plants are also usually covered with a standard homeowners insurance policy, often up to a limit stated in the policy.

Liability: this gives coverage in the event you face a lawsuit for injuries or property damage that you or a member of your household cause to someone else while they are on your property. Liability pays for the cost of legally defending you as well as what the court awards in payments (up to a limit stated within the policy.

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Additional living expenses: this portion of homeowners insurance pays for living expenses such as hotels and meals when a house is uninhabitable because of damage from fire, storms or other insured disaster.

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