Group Medical

Medical insurance is one of the most common employee benefit programs offered by employers and it is usually the most costly operating expense for employers. Árachas Group contracts with most of the companies providing coverage to employers, and we are constantly updating and training staff on changes in the marketplace as well as changes in governmental regulations (Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid).

Medical Insurance should be a benefit, not a burden.  We will work with you to make sure that your plan works for you, fits into your budget and provides your employees with a benefit so that you can retain as well as attract new employees.

Items to consider relative to medical plans include the following:

  • Long term costs of the plan?
  • How can plan costs be contained?
  • How much should the employer contribute to help offset employee cost?

How should your plan be structured?
  • Fully Insured
  • Level Funded
  • Self-Insured
Let us help you make these decisions and guide you and your business to structure a benefits package that fits your business and benefits your employees.

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