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Liability insurance gives protection to contractors against the risks of possible lawsuits that can result from workplace accidents, illness, bodily injury to employees or to other people on a work site.

Liability insurance for contractors provides an invaluable safety net because no matter how hard they aim for safe practices, there’s really no way to foresee if costly litigation can arise.

Liability insurance can form the basis for your contractor insurance coverage as the one you cannot do business without.

Simply stated, it’s the insurance policy that a contractor can build upon to reduce risks and enhance protection.

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Why Do Contractors Need Liability Coverage?

Contractors basically work in a risky industry. If you’re a contractor specializing in new home construction or new commercial projects, there is a risk that your completed project could result in an injury in the future.

Alternatively, if your focus is renovations and repair work, you could be bringing potentially dangerous equipment into the home of a client. Additionally, a contractor can never be sure when a passerby may stumble over a power cord or knock over a ladder, resulting in an injury.

Risks to other individuals may be simply part of conducting business for independent contractors, but for contractors or construction business owners those risks are increased by the nature of the work.

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Contractors general liability insurance, which is sometimes known as commercial general liability insurance, provides coverage for the types of possible lawsuits a contractor can face.

To get an idea of what general liability covers for a contractor, it includes: property damage, bodily Injury, illness that impedes the project from going forward, and reputation Injury.

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