Condominium Insurance

An alternative to conventional single-family homes, condominiums are a way to enjoy property ownership without the worry of grounds keeping and other maintenance.To protect their personal items, furniture and other valuables, condominium owners can purchase an insurance policy that is tailor-made for their needs.

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Condominium insurance covers the property damage and liability risks of owners. Simply stated, it takes effect where insurance carried by your condo association “leaves off.” Most mortgage companies will require you to have this kind of insurance and retain it for the duration of the loan.

Condominium insurance protects the condo owner from loss in case someone is hurt within your home. It also protects against loss due to fire and theft.

Since condominium association insurance typically covers damages or injury in common areas like the pool deck or exercise facility, condo owners can get coverage that is less expensive than many standard homeowners policies.

This is a key example of how condo insurance policies are created for the specific requirements of condo owners.

Condominium Insurance

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Benefits of condominium ownership:

  • * Condos are often in locations convenient for shopping and entertainment.
  • * Time-consuming maintenance like plumbing repairs and lawn mowing is the responsibility of the condo association.
  • * Residents frequently have access to pools, gyms, playgrounds and other features.
  • * Condos provide a social living environment and many residents feel a strong sense of community
  • * Condominiums are generally a safe and secure environment.

If these features are appealing to you, owning a condo may be the right move for you. Stay protected with affordable condo insurance – we can help!

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