Commercial Truck Insurance

Whether you’re an owner/operator with a single unit or a transportation business with a large fleet of trucks, you’ll need quality commercial truck insurance customized to manage your risks.

No two commercial enterprises are the same in their risks and the type of coverage needed – that’s why the help of an experienced agent with the Árachas Group is essential for finding the policy that’s the right fit for your company at the most affordable rates.

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The Basics of Commercial Truck Insurance

Commercial truck coverage is designed to safeguard your business entity and your personal assets from devastating loss. The truck coverage you will typically need may include the following:

  • Commercial truck liability: For coverage of your liability exposure in the event that you or one of your truck drivers is the cause of a motor vehicle accident. Your truck liability will include bodily injury to pay for the expense of medical care for injured parties, and property damage liability for costs of property damage resulting from the accident. Your liability insurance will likely also cover legal defense, regardless of whether your company is determined to be at fault for an accident.
  • Physical damage coverage: This covers damage to your commercial vehicles from an accident or other cause such as severe weather. This coverage generally features collision coverage as well as comprehensive coverage for theft or vandalism.
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  • Uninsured and underinsurance motorists: Coverage for the costs of injuries or vehicle damage if a motorist with no insurance causes an accident with your commercial truck.
  • Truck cargo insurance coverage: If the cargo your trucks are carrying is destroyed or stolen, this will cover the expense of those items.

In addition to these standard elements of truck insurance coverage, there are many other options to consider when putting together your policy. At Arachas Group, we have the expertise to help you make informed choices that will protect your commercial trucks at the most competitive rates. Get started with a free quote today!

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