Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance has some similarities to personal auto insurance in terms of the basic coverage it provides such as liability, collision and comprehensive, plus other coverage for other risks particular to commercial vehicle use.

The purpose of commercial auto insurance policy is to protect your enterprise from catastrophic losses.

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These policies generally combine several different forms of coverage, with some that are required and others that are optional:

  • Bodily injury liability: covers harm to others in a motor vehicle accident caused by you or an employee of your business. Bodily injury coverage pays compensation for medical costs, funeral costs, and the costs of litigation. The amount of reimbursement your business receives is based upon the limit stated on your policy in addition to your deductible.

  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists: If one of your employees is in a motor vehicle accident caused by another party who does not possess sufficient commercial auto insurance, this coverage will help pay for repairs to your vehicle and for medical care for your employee up to the limits defined on your policy.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Make Sure Your Business Vehicles are Covered

Property damage liability: this pays the costs of property damage caused by you or an employee of your business. Like the above mentioned bodily injury liability coverage, the reimbursement you receive is stated on your policy and your deductibles. It’s a good idea to work with our agents to evaluate your risks and their potential costs. For the very best commercial auto protection, consider a commercial umbrella liability policy.

Collision: a sound commercial auto policy should have collision coverage to compensate for damage to your company vehicles in the event of an accident caused by you or an employee.

Comprehensive: this coverage is an essential protection for the risk of damage to your vehicle or losses due to something other than a collision. These causes can be weather or theft.

A range of other coverages may be advisable for your commercial auto insurance policy depending on the insurance provider you select and the financial status of your business

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