New Guidelines for Worker Compensation

Published 4/11/2019

Guidelines for Workers Compensation are constantly changing.  These parameters also differ from state to state, industry and number of employees. These rules are often difficult to understand and stay up to date with. Árachas Group is dedicated to knowing when these guidelines change and how they affect your business and your policy holders.  

At Árachas Group, we stay on top of the ever changing Workers Compensation guidelines and are sure they are reflected in your policy. We make this process simple, efficient and comprehensive. 

Our group has a variety of companies that can handle any risk that is presented to us. We have the options to get you the best program with the most competitive rates available. Árachas Group is a proud collection of professional independent agents. We advise the best Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage to protect yourself and your business. 

Workers’ Compensation injuries in small businesses cause productivity loss. However, without Workers’ Compensation Insurance the costs from these injuries would be pulled from employee medical expenses and missed wages. Also, you as the business owner could face fines and in some serious cases even jail time if you do not have Worker’s Compensation Insurance. 

The parameters of Workers’ Compensation Insurance change frequently. Let Árachas Group ensure your policy is up to date.   

Do you have questions regarding your Workers Compensation guidelines or overall business insurance?  Click here to contact Árachas Group today!