Árachas Group LLC

Árachas Group LLC is the result of a merger between two thriving insurance agencies: Sullivan & Associates and Bartlett Insurance Group. Both agencies got their start as small but dedicated family businesses, each based in Bartlett and each with a unique focus.

While Sullivan & Associates realized the many growth opportunities available in niche marketing, Bartlett Insurance Group grew consistently by concentrating on small commercial and middle market businesses as well as their own niche of auto repair, service station and mini-mart businesses. This growth was in addition to developing a stable personal lines book of business.

With the formation of Árachas Group, we have combined our efforts to strengthen our position in the insurance and risk management industry. By merging both dynamic agencies, this allows us to house some of the industry’s top insurance professionals under one roof.

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So where to from here..? We will forge ahead as – what we like to call – one big “super agency” and development even further our areas of expertise.

Due to our continued success in niche marketing with Executive & Global, which focuses on professional lines coverage, and Transportation Insurance Solutions that was formed to focus specifically on transportation, we will continue our dedication to becoming the authority in those specialty markets.

In addition, we will further develop those deep relationships in our other commercial and personal lines in order to preserve the expansion of products and concentrate on bringing new talent to insurance industry.

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We can provide our current and future clients with a higher level of experience and expertise to assist them and educate them on a sometimes complex process.

As one of the clients stated: “They have gone far above the ‘insurance agent’ as they are generally known. It’s not just rates and quotes, it’s human resource education and assistance.”

Not only are we “incredibly knowledgeable in insurance and HR matters, but our agents issue prompt replies and are a pleasure to work with. We’re a team.”

We strive to be the best, and as we move into the future, this exciting new partnership is also expected to result in great efficiencies and significantly increase the presence of the Árachas Group in the insurance industry.

We are Árachas Group: “working as one.”

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